Our Community

We believe children have a right to quality education that is catered to meet their own individual needs and their unique abilities.

Our Team create a strong sense of community and promote a genuine sense of belonging for each child and family with warm, friendly and sincere relationships. They contribute to a strong and positive culture and are committed to ensuring each child in our care is thriving and feels safe, secure and trusted. Our team are a family; and invite all children and families into our unique environment to be a valued part of it. Our centre is a home away from home!

Our children visit a variety of different locations and are engaged regularly in our local community, this forms part of our Emerging Curriculum and provides each child with an added experience beyond the centre life. Children learn an array of skills and build knowledge and confidence in stepping out of the centre with our strong and reliable team of educators to make connections locally. We have a Calendar of planned Events for our families during the year which enriches the bond between families and educators and develops a strong and lasting sense of community.

We are a valued contributor to the Greater community both locally, statewide and internationally; we do this with internal fundraising and also generous donations from our families and educators.

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