Our Teaching

We believe children have a right to quality education that is catered to meet their own individual needs and their unique abilities.

Our play based learning environments will engage and challenge each child and develop their skills and knowledge based on their strengths. Educators believe in each child’s capacity to succeed and their achievements are celebrated. Learning will be fun and we aim to inspire children to love learning from an early age.

Programs will promote inclusion and allow for each child to feel a sense of value and belonging. We value play as a key context of learning and recognise children’s individual capacity to make decisions about their learning. We will promote children’s autonomy and a sense of agency at every opportunity.

Above all else, each day we will provide a centre that all children, families and educators are excited and proud to be a part of. Our centre will be a safe space where wellbeing is paramount. Each day will be fun and every member of our centre’s community will feel valued and supported.

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