"The wonderful team at T&C, you are led by the most caring and dedicated Directors who are amazing beyond words. You have created a community. A place we feel that we all belong in, I enjoy our chats and your wise words and thanks for looking after us all when we need it. Our girls have always been cared for and educated with kindness, support and love. The best kinder program we have ever been part of. My child has learnt kindness and compassion, to acknowledge aboriginal history and relationships, motor skills, the love of gardening, hip hop, letters, numbers, colours, golden words, how to do sign language, tie her shoes and speak Indonesian. You guys rock! "

– Angie

"To the educators and staff at Town and Country, I want to acknowledge the wonderful work you do with the children every day. The learning opportunities offered to my daughter are wonderful and encompass diverse skill sets and interests which gives opportunities to be open minded, exposed to new and exciting experiences and helps the children find the things they enjoy and or are good at. The programs also give opportunities for children to participate in the local community which genuinely aims to enhance participation, confidence and independence. The staff truly value education and the rich learning experiences that everyday life can bring. It is what you do that makes Town and Country unique, genuine and to be proud of! Congratulations! Right from the moment you step through the doors you feel instantly at home. All the staff are extremely professional, greet us with a smile and show genuine care and interest in our child. We are so grateful for all they do, from encouraging our little girl to develop physically and mentally from a baby and now allowing her imagination to run wild. "

– Hayley

"Thank you for not just caring, teaching and loving our baby girl, but for making us feel like family, particularly as ours is so far away. Seeing how happy she is everyday, is so heart warming and we can’t thank you all enough. You all make a difficult job look totally effortless."

– Jodie

"Thank you for the amazing work you do to care for and support our child. We are so pleased with the level of care she receives. The fact that she is happy to go to daycare each day is testament to how comfortable she feels in her environment there and the strong relationships she has formed with you. We have been so impressed with her language development. We think she gets a real sense of pride and achievement out of being able to communicate with people and have her messages understood more clearly. We know she has very strong attachments to her carers, which is lovely."

– Rommy

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