Children’s Rooms

Town & Country Children’s Centre is a unique early childhood environment situated amongst natural bushland for our children to be stimulated, challenged and invested in the natural environment. Our centre is well known in the local Highton community and has been in operation for more than 20 years. Our centre has a full team of warm, nurturing and engaging educators with a plethora of experiences and a variety of skills and knowledge to enhance each child’s participation in our educational programs.


Gumnut Room 

The Gumnut room is home for our babies. This beautiful space provides a warm and comfortable space for the children to feel connected and safe with their educators. The team are supportive of both the children and their families as they make the transition into our centre. We build close and trusting relationships with each family as we care for and educate the most precious part of your world. Our indoor and outdoor spaces are designed to cater for all development stages and support the children as they begin to move around and make discoveries. Our separate sleep room provides a peaceful environment to get much needed rest. We are privileged to have the opportunity to join each families journey and ensure each child’s experience in the Gumnut room has a positive impact on their learning journey.

Wattle Room 

The wattle room provides exciting challenges and new opportunities. These children are learning new things every day as they explore our learning environments. The beautiful natural play spaces allows children to explore their senses and their world around them. The program in the Wattle room supports children to extend their vocabulary and social interactions as they begin to form connections and play with their peers. Our passionate educators facilitate small group and large group play opportunities including arts, crafts, music and construction. Each child’s interests and goals are reflected in our program as well as adventures into the local community.

Banksia Room 

The Banksia room is home of our 3 year old kindergarten program. This room offers a flexible indoor outdoor program to provide exciting opportunities for all children. This program provides a balance of structured group learning times as well as child led learning. In this space the children are supported to understand express their emotions as well as understand the basics of cooperative play with their peers. Children’s imaginations take flight with the open ended role play areas. Children grow and develop as they explore the natural environment, become green thumb gardeners and express their creativity through art. Children are supported to work collaboratively and contribute to projects such as building, construction, cooking and creating. Children’s learning progresses throughout the year in preparation for transition into our 4 year old kindergarten program 

Lilly Pilly Kindergarten

Our unique program is designed to help assist children in their learning and development to prepare for a positive and successful transition to school. Our 4 year old kindergarten program is run by a Bachelor of Education and Early Childhood trained Teacher, alongside motivated and experienced educators. Our structured program provides a balance between child lead learning and teacher initiated learning. Each child’s individual strengths and abilities and catered for and extended to achieve individual learning goals. Each’s child’s learning is documented and celebrated.

Our kindergarten program maintains strong connections within our local community and incursions and excursions provide opportunity for children to learn and discover at a deeper level. The ELLA program provides children the opportunity to explore the language of Indonesian which we extend right throughout our program. Our program supports children to further develop confidence in their social interactions with peers as well as emotional resilience. Our kindness program supports children to understand their emotions and feelings as well as how they can impact or support the feelings of those around them.

The program supports children to understand, respect and care for our environment through responsibilities in our centre vegetable garden and sustainability goals. Our calendar of events identifies opportunities for children to be involved in Clean up Australia Day, National Tree day, Recycling week and much more.

The kindergarten program runs all year around including term holidays. Kindergarten consists of a minimum 15 hours per week in the kindergarten program.