At Town and Country Children’s Centre we dedicate time to developing and maintaining trusting and supportive relationships with all children and families within our centre as well as those in the wider community. These partnerships are built on trust, communication, acceptance and honesty. We build relationships with open and honest and regular communication. We create and maintain two-way channels of communication throughout each child’s journey within the service allowing us to create reciprocal relationships. Our service and Educators welcome and respect families of all cultural backgrounds and acknowledges indigenous culture and history. We work collaboratively with families to build trusting and respectful partnerships that are centred around each family’s identity. Programs will promote inclusion and allow for each child to feel a sense of value and belonging.

We value relationships at Town and Country, and this is reflected within our wider community and throughout our service. Educators and children spend a lot of time out in our communities sharing their love and knowledge through regular excursions and incursions. We believe that relationships are paramount in early childhood education and we value the importance of developing a sense of belonging not only within our service but our community as a whole.

Our educators continue to learn and develop their skills to ensure they provide the best quality of care and education for children in all aspects of the day. Educators will be supportive both of children and families as well as of each other. We are invested in providing continual professional development for our team and believe in their ability to continue to learn during their career. Our team are deeply passionate about their vocation and the rights of the child, ensuring each child is nurtured and educated to create a safe and secure home away from home. Our learning environments are designed to cater for each child’s individual needs and learning capacity and is a place where children are challenged and encouraged.

The children’s voices are paramount within Town and Country Children’s Centre and this is evident within our learning environments, documentation and our relationships. Our learning environment provides a foundation of learning for the future. Our program is catered to meet each child’s individual needs and their unique abilities. Our learning environments will engage and challenge each child and develop their skills and knowledge based on their strengths and equip them with life skills. Educators believe in each child’s capacity to succeed and their achievements are celebrated.

We value our environment as the “third teacher” as physical spaces hold the potential to influence what and how children learn. Our programs and teaching intentions provide opportunity for children to connect and learn about their world. We provide opportunities for children to manage risk, be engaged in nature and create their own play through curiosity in the natural play space. We value play as a key context of learning and recognise children’s individual capacity to make decisions about their learning.